About us

Social hype - Digital media companies in Sri Lanka

Socialhype.lk is an advertising and marketing solution provider based in Colombo, Sri Lanka. It operates under Empower Technologies, a company specializing in providing technology solutions for companies and institutions across the country.

With the advent of the web and social media, advertising and marketing on traditional media are gradually fading away. The present generation is seldom spending their time in front of television sets or newspapers. Instead, the majority of them constantly wired into mobile and computer screens to consume information.

As a software company with a solid foundation in the state of the art technologies, we extend our technology prowesses towards the modern-day digital media space to provide the best Online marketing solutions an organization can get, hence SocialHype.lk was born.

With a highly motivated team full of creative energy and armed with the best technology tools available in the market, SocialHype.lk ready to serve you the best enterprise-class Digital media solutions.